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About Services

Pidge is an on-demand, secure, delivery and courier service. Through the app, you can send or receive packages anywhere in the Delhi-NCR area. Pidge is a unique service that combines speed and convenience with safety and security. So simply download the app and place an order.

Everyone! There is no minimum order and no minimum distance. If you need something delivered, just download the App.

Pidge currently operates in all of Delhi-NCR including Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.

Please refer to our restricted items list in our Terms & Conditions.

Pidge currently only services pick up and delivery locations in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad. However, you can place the order itself from anywhere in the world.

Payment & Cancellation

Cancellations are possible subject to our cancellation policy available in our Terms & Conditions.

Payments are made in-app when placing an order and before the rider is assigned for pick up. Pidge supports all major online payment options.

Pidge does not offer cash on delivery to maintain transparency and trust and create convenience for customers and riders. We do not accept any tips.

Pidge is an on-demand service available between 7am and 11pm. When an order is placed – regardless of time, it will be picked up within 60 minutes and delivered immediately.

If you would like to partner with us for regular deliveries, please fill in your details on our partner page or contact us at and our team will call you with additional details.

Ordering Process

All orders need to be placed through the app in order to provide our proprietary security and order tracking process. If you have to make bulk bookings, please contact 9821088236.

You will receive confirmation as soon as you place an order through the app and notifications. If you list a sender or receiver who does not currently have the Pidge app, they will receive limited order updates through SMS and a weblink.

All items must fit inside a 16 inch cube (16x16x16 inches) and weigh less than 20 kg.

Pidge riders will provide you with tamper proof bags to ensure that no one except the sender and intended recipient can access package contents. However, please ensure that your package is appropriately packed for transit.

Pidge guarantees the delivery of an untampered bag. If the package is lost in transit, or the bag has been tampered, Pidge will refund up to 10x of the order cost as per our Terms & Conditions.

Current & Previous Order

Pidge guarantees pick up within 60 minutes. If there is a delay because of our Pidge Executives, you may be refunded up to 30% of your order cost. You can read more in our Terms & Conditions.

The order originator has live tracking and constant updates available in the app. Senders and receivers will also receive updates on the app or over SMS and weblinks.

Pidge’s proprietary order assignment system ensures that your order will never be rejected after placement.

You can change the pick up or delivery details and address at any point. An additional charge may be levied as per our Terms & Conditions.

Should you or the intended recipient be not contactable to complete the delivery of the package, we will store and/or attempt to redeliver your package as per our Terms & Conditions.

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