Smart Ways of making your cakes delivery-friendly

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28 December 2020

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Cakes are delicate, and need special care while on the move. Here are some things that you can do to better prepare them for delivery.


Try to use ingredients with higher melting points while baking it.

Don’t forget to refrigerate your cake sufficiently before dispatch.

Make sure that your cake is accurately stuck to its base.

You can use fructose/ sugar syrup to stick it to the base.

Avoid multi-layer cakes & heavy toppers, as they run a risk of getting spoiled in transit.


Use boxes made out of materials which do not collapse or get soggy easily.

The cake box should have at least 1 inch clearance from the cake.

Don’t forget to install a properly fitted cake board inside the box.

Make sure that no space is left between the box sides and board perimeter.

Tape the board in a way that it doesn’t move en route


Cupcakes have a tendency of popping out of their holders as a result of movement, considering the potholes and speed breakers on the roads.

Make sure that the cupcake holders grip the cupcakes firmly.

If your cupcake has a complex frosting, remember to refrigerate that too.

Make sure that the cupcake holder is loose not and ill fitted.

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