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service in Delhi NCR

Trust our highly trained executives to deliver your parcel safely, and on time.
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The premium way to deliver your parcel

At Pidge, we understand that you require quick parcel deliveries for your urgent needs. Whether it’s food, documents, books, keys or gadgets- Pidge’s express parcel delivery service can deliver everything for you. Our highly trained riders make sure that your parcel is picked up and delivered quickly & safely. If you’re looking for a reliable parcel delivery service- Pidge has got you covered!
Hassle-free booking
on mobile app.
60 minute pick up from your
doorstep- guaranteed.
Same day delivery in
just 1-3 hours.
Option to schedule delivery
on the app.
No surge fares during
peak hours.
Real time order tracking &
customer support.

Fastest delivery by the vehicle of your choice

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Pidge for the fastest delivery of your parcel.

Our express parcel delivery service can help you in delivering whatever you want, whenever you want in a hassle-free manner. We understand that due to COVID, you may not want to get out of your house that often, but rather want a safe & fast delivery service to pick up your parcel from your doorstep and deliver it at the destined location. Don’t worry, Pidge does exactly that!

Medicine delivery

Why worry about going out to buy medicines when you can get them delivered at your doorstep with our quick parcel delivery service.

Food delivery

Have those food cravings but have apprehensions in dining out? Too busy to go out to buy groceries? Use Pidge to get your food parcelled to you from anywhere in Delhi NCR.

Food delivery

Have those food cravings but have apprehensions in dining out? Too busy to go out to buy groceries? Use Pidge to get your food parcelled to you from anywhere in Delhi NCR.
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Documents delivery

Forgot an important document but can’t miss the deadline? Our safest parcel delivery service can pick it up from your home and deliver it to you in just 1-3 hours.
Why choose us

On Demand

  • 60 Minute Pickup Guarantee
  • Radius free- send all over Delhi-NCR
  • Immediate delivery and live tracking


  • Tamper- proof bags for privacy
  • Sender and Receiver OTP
  • Highly Trained Delivery Employees

Delivery Ecosystem

  • No minimum distance or commitment
  • Send to multiple locations at once
  • No cataloging or commissions on order

Coming straight from the customers

Fastest deliveries by Pidge: Redefining parcel delivery

At Pidge, we are committed to provide you with an express parcel delivery service along with safety for your package. Your package is as precious to us as is to you. Our highly trained delivery executives pick up your parcel safely from your doorstep, and deliver it quickly in just 1-3 hours to your destined location.

We understand that you have a busy schedule and may not want to go out to pick up and deliver things. With our on-demand parcel delivery service, you can place an order anytime and get it delivered instantly. You can also schedule an order for the future. We do not have any surge fares for peak hours. We believe in delivering your product swiftly at a transparent, distance based price.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Pidge. We make sure that you get whatever you need, at the exact time you need it. Whether it is food or medicines or groceries- you just have to book an order and our safest and fastest parcel delivery service will take care of your unique delivery needs.

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