Pidge’s USP is providing radius-free deliveries. And with its large geographical area, Delhi-NCR seemed to be perfect for its launch.

At the rider level, we daily reiterate training and
awareness of the WHO guidelines and

Pidge has proved to be ahead of the virus and continues to evolve with new training, health guidelines and precautions outlined for its employees.
A shift in consumer behaviour will make it inevitable for business organizations to modify their operation models and add to their technological advancement, if they wish to survive in the post-pandemic economy.
For commodities delivery, margins are razor thin already that adding a delivery charge makes it prohibitive for movement.
As people practise social distancing, they continue to act as enablers for social connect. This responsibility is fulfilled with utmost diligence at Pidge.
Meanwhile, hyperlocal delivery startup Pidge has partnered with Me:ette Delhi, Blue Tokai Coffee, Suchali’s Artisan Bakehouse to deliver food packets to stranded labourers in Delhi.
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