The fastest home delivery service Delivery in 1-3 hours

From food to gadgets- Pidge can pick up anything for you and deliver it right at your doorstep.
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Bringing pickup & delivery to your doorstep

With Pidge, you don’t need to leave your home for picking up or dropping off things. Our highly trained riders will pick up any package from your doorstep and deliver it at the exact destined location. Just place an order on the Pidge app, and we’ll handle the rest!
Guaranteed pick up within
60 minutes.
Instant delivery in
just 1-3 hours.
Tamper proof given to pack &
seal the item.
No radius restrictions
across Delhi NCR.
Easy booking on the
mobile app.
Live order tracking &
customer support.

Fastest delivery by the vehicle of your choice

Pidge Retailers - bike
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One-stop for all your deliveries- from the comfort of your home.

Anything you want can be safely picked up and delivered to your doorstep. With our easy to use app, you can select the category of the item you want to deliver, and we’ll do it for you. You can also choose from the three available sizes of the tamper proof bag, in which you can safely pack & seal your item.

Food & perishables

Fast delivery and personalised handling for your item ensures that your food is received by you untouched, and in the best possible condition. Our highly trained delivery executives take special care of your products.

Medicines & pharmaceuticals

With our on-demand delivery ecosystem, you don’t need to get out of your home to buy the medicines you need. Just book a delivery on the Pidge app, and our highly trained riders will pick it up from the pharmacy, and deliver it to your doorstep safely and on-time.

Electronics & other valuables

You can pack & seal your gadgets as well as any other valuable in a tamper proof bag provided to you by our full time delivery executives at the time of pick up. You need not worry as your package will be in safe hands, with complete privacy and safety. Double OTP protection and live tracking of orders adds to the security of your package.
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cloths delivery

Apparel & others

Your products bring a smile to everyone’s faces and we make sure to deliver them quickly with our express delivery service. You can also give personalised handling instructions for your package, and we’re sure to follow them without fault. Clothing, footwear or any such item- our fastest courier service can deliver it safely and securely.
Coming straight from the customers

The only home delivery service you need- Redefining your experience of home deliveries

Pidge is committed to deliver a five-star experience to all of its customers. Our aim is not just to deliver a package but to deliver a delightful experience with our express delivery service. Our customers trust us to be able to fulfil home deliveries for their packages safely & securely, with an extra level of care.

All our delivery executives are our full-time, on-roll employees, which helps us in training & monitoring them to provide a premium at-the-door experience. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do! We make sure that with our hassle-free home delivery experience, you can deliver everything you want, without any restrictions. Just place an order on our app with a few clicks, and we’ll pick up the package from your doorstep and deliver it at the destined location with our fast delivery service.

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