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With our same-day deliveries and customised handling of products, you can deliver your food & other perishable products such as restaurant delivery or groceries delivery with ease.
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Customised food delivery solutions for all your delivery needs.

With personalised handling and instant delivery, done on a zero commission basis, Pidge is the most preferred food delivery solution across Delhi NCR. Our tamper-bags and waterproof Pidge delivery box ensures stability and safety for your product in transit.
Radius free deliveries
across Delhi NCR.
60 Min
Guaranteed pick up in
60 minutes.
Instant delivery in
1-3 hours.
Tamper-proof bags
for safety.
Highly trained delivery
Customised handling as
per the product.

Fastest delivery by the vehicle of your choice

Pidge Retailers - bike
Pidge_ PLUS
Extra care given to your products
In terms of food and perishables, time is of essence, and we take care of that. With our express delivery service, and customised handling, we make sure that your product reaches your customer in the same condition as it was picked up from your place.
extra care

Waterproof Pidge box for safety & stability.

Option of temperature controlled deliveries

Instant pick up & same-day delivery.

Live tracking & customer support.

Experience the Pidge edge
Pidge believes in helping you grow, when you yourself have the control of your business. We are here to assist you in terms of delivery, so that you can focus on some other important aspects.

Transparent pricing without any surge fares.

No minimum distance or commitment

Send to multiple locations at once.

No cataloging or commissions on orders.

pidge edge
Coming straight from the customers

Pidge as your food delivery partner- Transforming the face of food delivery apps

For effective food delivery solutions, time is of the greatest importance. However, safety and stability also play a very important role here. Our express delivery service makes sure that your food items are delivered to your customer safely & securely in the best condition.We offer customised food delivery solutions for your unique needs such as temperature controlled deliveries for cakes and chocolates. A stable & sturdy Pidge box, carried by highly trained delivery executives, ensures that your food is delivered in the same condition as it left your place. Unlike other food delivery apps, we do not have any listings on our app. Instead, your customer has to directly place an order with you, which we pick up and deliver to them. This direct association with the customer helps businesses in building their own brand image and loyalty. Our aim is to assist you in your growth through our food delivery service, without taking away the control of your business from you.

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