Current & Previous Order

Pidge guarantees pick up within 60 minutes. If there is a delay because of our Pidge Executives, you may be refunded up to 50% of your order cost. You can read more in our Terms & Conditions.

The order originator has live tracking and constant updates available in the app. Senders and receivers will also receive updates on the app or over SMS and weblinks.

Pidge’s proprietary order assignment system ensures that your order will never be rejected after placement.

You can change the pick up or delivery details and address at any point. An additional charge may be levied as per our Terms & Conditions.

Should you or the intended recipient be not contactable to complete the delivery of the package, we will store and/or attempt to redeliver your package as per our Terms & Conditions.

The Pidge app will always show the photo and name of the rider coming to pick up and deliver. Pidge riders also have identification cards to verify their identity at any point.

You can contact the Pidge Executive at any point through the in-app call option. We never reveal our customers and riders number to each other and use a number-masking software to protect privacy.

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