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An e-commerce enterprise thrives on its logistics ecosystem. For tried and tested delivery solutions, no one does it like us! We believe that when our clients come to us, they don’t come only to look for a vendor but rather a strong logistical support system, which helps them in growing their business reach. Our focus is not simply to take goods from one point to the other, but to deliver a safe, secure and delightful at the door experience which suits each of our clients. Pidge is not just another courier service, but a reputable e-commerce logistics service provider and partner.
Same day/next day delivery for
your products.
Customised handling
of your products.
Radius free deliveries
across Delhi NCR.
No cataloguing or commissions
on your orders.
Ontime delivery
Real time order tracking
on the mobile app.
Live customer support to
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Fastest delivery by the vehicle of your choice

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Full-time delivery executives trained for e-commerce deliveries

We understand the importance of quick and consistent deliveries for e-commerce. All of our delivery executives are our full-time employees. They are highly trained and monitored to provide a high quality and consistent at-the-door experience to all your customers.
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Excellent brand representation at the doorstep

Efficient and quick deliveries of bulk orders

Utmost satisfaction for your customers

Ability to meet high seasonal demand

Seamless logistics with high-class technology solutions

We offer various levels of tech integration for your business. Whether you want to share your data through excel sheets, or pass the information directly through API or direct integration, we can achieve that comfortably and offer the e-commerce delivery solution suited to your needs.

Smooth transfer of data across platforms

Accuracy and speed of deliveries

Efficient management of returns & exchanges.

Scalability and growth of business.

Ecommerce infographic
Ecommerce infographic

Smooth transfer of data across platforms

Accuracy and speed of deliveries

Efficient management of returns & exchanges.

Scalability and growth of business.

Coming straight from the customers

Pidge as your business delivery solution: Changing the face of e-commerce logistics

For a logistics service to work, various aspects undergo scrutiny. At Pidge, we never associate with an e-commerce enterprise for the sole purpose of being their outsourced delivery ecosystem. In fact, we build a relationship with them and consider their products as our own. In a rapidly globalized economy, where physical boundaries are no more what they used to be, the logistics and delivery service industry has an added responsibility to foster growth and business viability for all industries, especially e-commerce enterprises.

We can say, with a considerable dose of confidence, that we offer the fastest and safest e-commerce delivery solutions to help in creating a smooth functioning and reliable delivery ecosystem. Our vision is to be the first name that comes to mind when one thinks of e-commerce delivery solutions. We believe that we are very close to that vision due to the trust our numerous e-commerce clients have continued to place on us.

Speed, accuracy and consistency is highly critical in the e-commerce delivery sector, and we promise to deliver all of these to you. Our goal is to help you reach your customer directly and easily. You can rely on us to handle your deliveries while you focus on expanding your business and taking it to newer heights.

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